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1. How much will my translation cost?
The pricing will depend on the complexity of the text and the delivery deadline. All you need do to find out how much a translation will cost is click on the Free Quote button and fill in the short form. We will get back to you with the pricing within minutes. We price every order individually and adapt to your budget.
2. How long will the translation take?
Depending on the complexity of a given document, we can translate anything from a few to over a dozen standard pages per day and maintain the high quality of our work. We will always make every possible effort to meet your requirements and work to the deadline you suggest.
3. How do I order a translation?
1. Use our Free Quote facility to send us your file and explain the details of your requirements.
2. Within minutes, we will send you an e-mail detailing the terms and conditions for meeting the order.
3. If you accept our offer, all you have to do is click on the link provided in the e-mail.
4. We will deliver the finished translation by whatever means you choose.
5. After you confirm receipt of the translation, we will send you a VAT invoice either by e-mail or by post.

As you can see, nothing could be simpler!
4. What methods of payment does GTsolutions accept?
There are several possible ways of paying for your translation:
* By bank transfer, citing the VAT invoice, to:
* By secure online payment via dotpay or PayPal
* On delivery of the translation by post or courier
* In person at our offices
5. Can I count on a discount?
Of course! We have new special offers for our long-tern and new clients on almost a daily basis. Just click on the SPECIAL OFFERS tab and see for yourself that you can even save as much as 20% of the costs.
6. How do I deliver the documents to GTsolutions for translation?
There are several possible ways of delivering your documents to us:
* Via our Free Quote facility
* By e-mail
* by post or courier
* in person
Fax is not suitable for reasons of legibility. If you know of any other ways, then, please, do tell us about them!
7. Does GTsolutions employ quality control procedures?
Of course! We work and carry out quality control in line with our company procedures, which we continually work to refine. 2012 is a breakthrough year for us, since we will be undergoing the necessary checks and inspections for the ISO 9001:2009 and PN-EN 15038 certificates. We will be keeping you up to date on our progress.
8. Will my documents be secure?
We could say “as safe as they would be in a bank”. Sadly, the events of the past few years have shown that this is by no means always a benchmark!

Whilst we cannot give you a 100% guarantee as to the security of your documents, we can responsibly say that we make every possible effort to ensure that no document will be stolen from our databases and end up in the wrong hands.

For even greater security we are aiming to implement the standards for the ISO 27001 Information Security Management System.
9. Why should I trust GTsolutions in particular?
Trust? Trust is the cornerstone upon which we have been building our relationships with our clients for over six years now! We are not flawless and we, too, can make mistakes. However, we leave no stone unturned in our search for the best possible collaboration with each and every client. Our translators’ skills are verified in a process which consist of several stages. We never fail to ensure that each order is assigned to the translator or team of translators who are best suited to the demands of the job. A multitude of companies have given us their trust. One look at our references will confirm that. After which, the only possible action will be to join their number!
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